Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for Certification?

AAFOSRON Certification is intended for agencies (including organizations and companies), located both inside and outside of the Nigeria., which recruit international students to colleges, universities and other post secondary educational institutions, located both inside and outside the Nigeria., which are accredited by institutional accreditors recognized by the Nigeria. Department of Education.

For the purposes of AAFOSRON membership and certification, an agency is defined as an organization, company or association that recruits and places students into accredited colleges, universities and other educational institutions on a commercial ‘fee for service’ basis. The term ‘fee for services’ refers to any payment made by an institution or an individual student applicant to an agency for services related to the counseling advice, application process and acceptance into a course or program in an educational institution. Individuals that provide placement services but have not established a company or individuals within an agency, including but not limited to shareholders, owners, directors, counselors and other staff are not eligible for AAFOSRON certification or membership.

At the time of application for AAFOSRON Certification, agencies are required to have been in the student recruitment business for two years and have a successful record of placing students in institutions of higher education. The date of first student placement must have been at least 18 months before the AAFOSRON Application is made.

Agencies must have a record of placing at least 25 students total before applying for AAFOSRON Certification. Agencies which are at least two years old but have placed between 25 and 50 students in institutions of higher education may apply for AAFOSRON Certification, however they may be awarded conditional certification until they have a more substantial record of student placements. An applicant agency is ineligible for certification if it or any principal or material owner thereof has been convicted of fraud or has pleaded no contest or guilty in a criminal proceeding or has been adjudged to have committed fraud in a civil proceeding within the last seven (7) years.

Will information I provide be Confidential?

All information provided to AAFOSRON remains confidential within the Certification process. All External reviewers, staff, and members of the Board of Directors and Certification Board are required to sign non disclosure agreements prohibiting the sharing of any information about an agency applicant, correspondence, or deliberations regarding Certification.