The story of this Association started with the participation of some Nigerian agents at ICEF Workshops hosted at different countries like Berlin in Germany,Canada, Miami in USA and so on.  At every hosting of this event, agents from Nigeria are usually more than agents from other countries.  Based on Nigeria’s representation, an ICEF executive advised the Nigerians at one of the events to form an association so as to protect our interest and to make us a formidable group to be reckon with in Africa with reference to sourcing of international students and placing them in institutions of study in oversea.  More so, that our voice and impact will be recognized where we have a body and that through this body we can make more impact and progress.

The responsibility to form the association was given to Felix Adedayo of Fab Consulting and one other agent who backed out in 2012.  At second event following the first one where the assignment was given, we were reminded at Germany’s event in 2013 of the need to have this body.  After the event in Germany, all the Nigerian participants had the first meeting in Berlin, due to disagreement on the name of the association, mode of operation and the need for everybody to be involved instead of going by a name that has been initially registered by someone that majority of us cannot account on how it started, the meeting ended in a dead-lock without meaningful achievement.

So at the Workshop in Dubai, 2014 we were faced with this familiar issue again, that was how few of us Tony Ikogwe, Felix Adedayo, Nosa Evbuowan, Chika Eboh and few others again agreed that this association will have to come to limelight.  On return to Nigeria, Chika summoned courage to call others after  first discussing with Tony and Felix, there we agreed we have to start even if it is only five people that will attend.  So invitation was sent out to all and at the inaugural meeting on 29th of November 2014 hosted at the office of Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd in Lagos, the following were in attendance:

1. Felix Adedayo Fab Consulting Nig Ltd
2. Chika Eboh Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd
3. Anthony F. Ikogwe Ikogwe International Ltd
4. Agnes Aigbinode Virtue Education and Allied Services
5 Tonia Wendy Nwokennaya Joewendy Educational Foundation
6. Nosa Ebvuomwan Virtue Consultancy
7. David Adeyeye Kared Global Services
8. Wole Tawoshe Tashe Education Consultancy
9. Gideon Edomwandagbon Eduabroad Limited

These nine agencies are the pioneer members or founders of Association of Agents for Oversea Studies Recruitment of Nigeria.