This Association is a non-political, non-religious, non-tribal and non-ethnic organization.

Membership of this Association is open to all duly registered international and accredited professional Study Recruitment Agencies, Placement and Migrant Agencies in Nigeria.

Any agency seeking to become a member of this Association must meet the conditions/ guidelines for approval of membership issued from time to time as contained in the constitution of the association.

No agency shall be admitted as a member of the Organization without the approval of the Trustees.

Every admitted member shall pay registration and annual subscription fees any other any levy that may from time to time be imposed on members.

Every member is expected to meet its financial obligations to the Organization at all times.

Every member must attend meeting at all venues that is not necessarily where they reside or located.

Any agency that have a known case of defrauding students, fellow agents or any educational institutions within or outside Nigeria shall not be allowed to be member of this association.

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